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Types of Jura limestone

The Jura is a fantastic limestone from Germany, which has seen an incredible growth in the past 10 years for use on all sorts of projects all over the world. There are few variations of this limestone that we explain to you on this article, as well as the video below.

In addition to the well-known Jura Beige limestone, there are other types of Jura limestone that have demand in the market. We are talking about the Jura Grey, but also the lesser-known Jura Cocktail and Jura Vein-cut. To find out more about the main types of Jura limestone available in the market, check the video below or read the full article on Natural Stone Outlet.


Source: Natural Stone Outlet





German Jura limestone inspiration

The Jura limestone is a fantastic and all purpose limestone from Germany,

Jura limestone blocks

The supply market of Jura limestone blocks

There is huge demand for Jura limestone blocks from China and the

Jura Grey limestone vs Jura Beige limestone

Here we compare the Jura Grey with the Jura Beige limestone

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