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Jura Grey limestone vs Jura Beige limestone

The Jura limestone is a fantastic and widely known limestone from Germany that presents two main variations: the Jura Grey and the Jura Beige. On this article, we make the comparison between both limestones, showing you their differences and what they have in common.

The Jura Beige limestone and Jura Grey limestone are very close, presenting essentially the same type of structure, background, colour tone variations. But what basically differs between them is the colour. While the Beige shows a warm and earthy colour, the Grey shows a cold and concrete colour. On this video, we make the full comparison between both limestones. To find out more about the main types of Jura limestone available in the market, check the video below or read the full article on Natural Stone Outlet.


Source: Natural Stone Outlet





Reference project: Designer Flats in Budapest

Project of a beautiful designer residential apartment building in the centre of

Types of Jura limestone

Here we introduce you to the main types of Jura limestone

Reference project: Al Hamra Tower in Kuwait

Al Hamra is the tallest building in Kuwait

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