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Frequently asked questions done by clients and visitors on this portal about Jura limestone supply and related questions

  • How can i access technical information about the limestone?

    At Juralimestoneportal you will only find few items of the technical report for each limestone, which gives an overviews of the limestone´s technical capacity. For a complete understanding of the Jura limestone technical characteristics, you will have to contact us directly.

  • Do i find here all the variations of the Jura limestone that are available in the market?

    Correct. The six variation we present at Juralimestoneportal are the real variations expected from this limestone. Within each variation you can expect a certain variation on its own, but these six variations are well representative of the world of Jura limestone.

  • Is the information on each Jura limestone variation reliable?

    All the information available on each limestone or variation is entirely correct and actual. The information is based on the data collected from one major quarry that represents well the reality of other Jura limestone quarries in terms of limestone extracted and variations. For any additional information that is not available on our portal, you will have to contact us.

  • I am interested in buying some Jura limestone. How can i do it?

    You will just have to send us an enquiry by email and we will follow-up your enquiry immediately. If you provide us information about your project or limestone´s needs, we will analyze and send you an offer shortly after.

  • Which are the reserves of Jura limestone for future extraction?

    We do not have an accurate estimate of real reserves of Jura limestone, but we can affirm that with current levels of extraction and large potential to expand extraction area, there will be Jura limestone to be extracted in the long-term.

  • Is Jura limestone recommended for exterior use on colder climates?

    As one of the hardest limestones available in the market, the Jura limestone is often used on exterior applications in colder climates. In cladding or vertical applications, a considerable number of limestone are used because the pressure on a vertical application is not as much as on a horizontal application. But for exterior horizontal applications such as flooring, not all limestones are used or recommended. But the Jura seems to be a preferred choice of architects and developers for such use in colder climates.

    It is important to note that each case is specific and a concrete analysis would have to take into consideration sizes, thickness, intensity of traffic and other external factors.

  • Where can i find reference projects done with Jura limestone in my country?

    As a reference online portal about Jura limestone, Juralimestoneportal has a considerable database of information about projects with this limestone. If you do not find on our portal projects done in your country, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist with any information requested regarding this point.

  • The Jura limestone that i find at local suppliers is different from the one shown here. Why is this?

    The Jura limestone is a type of stone that is mostly characterized by its non-uniform look, a certain colour variation and strong signs of fossils. This is exactly what makes the Jura limestone so special and unique, and distinct from other limestones. This variation is normal on this limestone, therefore the Jura you may find at a local distributor is likely different from the one we promote here, or even from the one we could supply you.

    This limestone is not plain or has a predictable pattern. If you are considering buying this limestone, this is an important consideration.

The Portal

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Juralimestoneportal is a reference online portal specialized on the promotion and supply of Jura limestone from Germany. It presents the complete range of Jura limestone available in the market as well as reliable and updated information about this beautiful German stone.


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