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Extraction Area

Extraction Area

The Jura limestone is extracted by several quarries in the Southern region of Bavaria, Germany. It is mostly extracted in one specific area located between the cities of Munich and Nuremberg.

The jura is a major limestone from Germany that has a growing demand in many parts of the world. This is a limestone that has its origins in the geographical region of the Fränkische Alb, Germany. The main quarries are located in the Titting-Kaldorf area, where most of the Jura limestone that supplies the market is currently extracted.


Titting, Germany

This area south of Titting is where most quarries of Jura limestone are located and where the blocks are extracted for further manufacturing. This is the real Jura limestone extraction centre.

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Juralimestoneportal is a reference online portal specialized on the promotion and supply of Jura limestone from Germany. It presents the complete range of Jura limestone available in the market as well as reliable and updated information about this beautiful German stone.


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