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About the portal

About the portal

Juralimestoneportal is a reliable source of information about the interesting world of the Jura limestone. Here, the visitor will find credible and up-to-date information about the Jura limestone, its variation, applications, technical properties and much more.


about1Juralimestoneportal is an online portal exclusively dedicated to the promotion and supply of Jura limestone from Germany. It belongs to a larger network of informative and business websites and portals specialized on the promotion and commercialization of natural stones from different countries.

Juralimestoneportal was created in order to provide reliable information about the increasingly popular Jura limestone, but also to answer a diversity of questions that are common with this limestone. Which are the main variations? Is it supplied in different colours? Where can it be supplied? Is it recommended for exterior applications? All this information is normally available on Juralimestoneportal. And if the information is not available on our portal, it will be quickly provided by email or telephone.

about22Juralimestoneportal provides information about the main variations of this limestone, its most common applications, its sstrengths and limitations, as well as other relevant information that the person or company may need before making a buying decision.

All the information available at Juralimestoneportal is the work of a serious effort to put together a complete overview of this limestone, showing the process from extraction to final supply for projects. The information available here is reliable, up-to-date and accessible for all those that are looking for natural stone supply.



Juralimestoneportal is a starting point for companies and individuals that are looking for the supply of Jura limestone for their projects. All potential buyers can find on our portal relevant, reliable and updated information about the different choices of Jura limestone available.

Juralimestoneportal is a reliable source for information about Jura limestone and its potential supply for projects. We belong to a joint-venture of companies that extract and manufacture different natural stones, for supply for projects. We have considerable experience on the supply of both private and commercial projects, with reference projects made all over the world.

The Portal

About Us

Juralimestoneportal is a reference online portal specialized on the promotion and supply of Jura limestone from Germany. It presents the complete range of Jura limestone available in the market as well as reliable and updated information about this beautiful German stone.


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Jeju Hotel Korea - Jura limestone

Reference project: Jeju Hotel in Korea

Jura Beige limestone interior flooring

Reference project: Asia Society Texas Center

Jura Beige cladding, flooring, coverings



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