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Jura Beige Dark


Dark beige limestone, with thin to medium grain and non-uniform background. This limestone is mostly characterized by the presence of strong signs of fossils with darker colour, sparsely distributed on the stone´s surface.

The Jura Beige Dark is one of the two most relevant types of Jura limestone that together with the Jura Beige Light represent the vast majority of Jura extracted. The Jura Beige Dark presents a slight darker beige tone as well as considerable hardness.


Compression strength: 17,96 Psi; Bending strength: 1610 Psi; Abrasion index: 37,3; Water absorption: 1,07%


The Jura Beige Dark is a limestone that is used in the majority of cases on exterior applications. Due to its increased hardness and low porosity, this is a number one choice for exterior uses such as flooring or cladding.

In addition, it is also common to find the Jura Beige Dark on other exterior applications such as diverse masonry, landscaping or garden decoration.

Jura Beige Dark

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Jura Beige Dark


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Juralimestoneportal is a reference online portal specialized on the promotion and supply of Jura limestone from Germany. It presents the complete range of Jura limestone available in the market as well as reliable and updated information about this beautiful German stone.


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