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Jura limestone has been used for a long time in Germany, in traditional exterior landscaping and architecture. This is a fairly abundant and popular limestone in Germany and traditional architecture has been using the limestone as a main limestone. It is common to find the Jura limestone on diverse building in many parts of the country, in applications like masonry, garden and exterior decoration, specific rural walls and much more.

This regular local market has opened-up space for the international market, where tiles and later cladding supply led to an increase of interest for Jura limestone for alternative applications. This is how the Jura has become a more popular limestone also abroad for use on diverse exterior applications, most notably landscaping and garden decoration.


Landscaping requires specific types of limestones that are harder, more compact and little porosity. All of the Jura limestone variations would be suitable for such use and in fact in most exterior applications there is no real preference for a specific type. Due to the nature of landscaping and garden decoration work (more thick material), price is an important consideration and therefore material with less selection (and cheaper) tend to be preferred. There is demand for both grey and beige colour.


Perhaps the number one market for the Jura limestone landscaping and garden decoration is Germany itself. It is in fact a large market that often uses natural stone such as the Jura limestone on exterior applications.

Other interesting markets for the Jura limestone for exterior applications are the UK (for private residential projects), the Middle East (with its booming construction industry).

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Jura limestone stonework

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  • Jura limestone exterior flooring
  • Jura limestone exterior flooring
  • Jura limestone staircases & wall
  • Jura limestone masonry
  • Jura limestone masonry
  • Jura limestone masonry
  • Jura limestone exterior wall covering
  • Jura limestone exterior staircases

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