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The stonework and decoration industry in Germany is fairly recent and does not have the level of specialization, tradition and creativity as the Italian one for example. Until very recently the focus of most German Jura limestone manufacturers has been on standard products. But this trend has been changing and recently some suppliers have been investing on advanced technology in order to be able to manufacture detailed stonework.

There is a growing interest from German companies on this specific market. Despite this, companies will face real challenges if they are to compete on the international market for natural stone decoration. The level of price for this type of work in Germany is fairly high, but also this type of work requires a certain tradition and creativity that are more developed and mature in countries like Italy, Spain, Portugal and even Turkey. The potential is there..


All of the Jura limestone variations are used on decoration work. If the most widely available Jura Beige Light, Jura Beige Dark and Jura Grey are common options, the less common vein-cut options are highly demanded for small projects for their unique look and exclusivity.


At this point the most relevant market for this type of finished product is still Germany, which should account for most of its sales. However, there is an enormous potential for detailed stonework from places like Russia and several Middle East countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait). These countries have a special appetite for natural stones and there is a growing number of large detailed masonry projects asking for limestones like the Jura from Germany.

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