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Top Jura Beige finishes for 2021

The Jura Beige limestone is a great looking beige limestone that accepts well a wide range of surface finishes, which can be easily used on interior applications as well as on exterior applications. From the honed or chiseled surface finishes that can be used on wall cladding, to tumbled or polished surface finishes that can be used on interior flooring, and much more, we introduce here the most expected surface finishes for the Jura Beige limestone is 2021!

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Jeju Hotel Korea - Jura limestone

Reference project: Jeju Hotel in Korea

This beautiful hotel located in Jeju - Korea, displays wonderful application of

Difference between Jura Beige and Jura Grey limestone

In this article, we make the comparison between the main variations of

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Juralimestoneportal is a reference online portal specialized on the promotion and supply of Jura limestone from Germany. It presents the complete range of Jura limestone available in the market as well as reliable and updated information about this beautiful German stone.


Recent Projects

Jeju Hotel Korea - Jura limestone

Reference project: Jeju Hotel in Korea

Jura Beige limestone interior flooring

Reference project: Asia Society Texas Center

Jura Beige cladding, flooring, coverings



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