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Top Limestones for Exterior Cladding in 2016

Jura Beige Exterior Cladding

Apart from being used in a huge range of applications, limestones are highly recommended for exterior cladding projects due to its complex structure and high versatility. Learn about the most popular limestone choices for 2016, based on three selection points: availability, demand and reputation.

Limestones have always been a primal choice for exterior cladding applications, however there are certain natural stones that show a largest interest from both private and commercial clients. For instance, limestones present an incredible versatility that make them suitable for almost any type of application or project. They also accept almost all existing finishings and they present a great structure in terms of durability, grain, background uniformity and general appearance. Since exterior cladding projects require specific features, such as environmental and climate adaptability, limestones are clearly the ideal selection. Mostly, because it gathers a huge range of progressive aspects that contribute towards a flawless result. But as stated before, some limestones are more popular than others and here’s our top five for 2016 based on availability, demand and reputation, which are Moleanos Fine, Jura Beige, Capri, Limra and Moca Cream.

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Types of Jura limestone

Here we introduce you to the main types of Jura limestone

Reference project: Al Hamra Tower in Kuwait

Al Hamra is the tallest building in Kuwait

Grey limestone analysis: Jura Grey and Moleanos Blue

We compare the Jura Grey limestone with the Moleanos Blue limestone

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