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Jura Grey Limestone: Most Popular Finishings

Jura Grey Limestone Polished

With an incredible reputation, the Jura Grey is one of the most prominent limestones from Germany. This natural stone presents a considerable demand and a large availability. In terms of finishings, only a few are popular and commonly produced.

The Jura Grey is quite versatile when it comes to the acceptance of different finishings. But on the market, there are four particular techniques that have been leading the general preference. For instance, the polished and honed finishings are generally used on interior applications, whereas the sandblasted and sandblasted & brushed are highly appreciated for exterior projects. This grey limestone displays a non-uniform background, followed by a medium grain, strong signs of fossils, a considerable hardness and a persistent colour. Due to its reputation, the Jura Grey has a significant demand and product flow. Despite being exported all over the world, this limestone focuses mainly on the European market.

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